Dirty Time Logo, a pollen grain outline with clock hashes and queer typography reading Dirty Time


Dirty Time is here to guide you on a journey.

You have been taught that dirty is bad, but it’s not true. Dirty is good. It’s very, very good. Dirt is your companion, your time machine, your portal to the past and the future. And here’s a dirty little secret: there is no clean that’s not dirty. Not the cloud, not the Metaverse, and definitely not the screen.

Dirt is a time capsule–it holds a record of everything that’s ever happened. And it’s a time machine–it breaks you down and shoots you into the future.

But it’s here right now too. It feeds you and it eats you.

Can you feel it? Ahhhh that warm strawberry from the garden sliding down your throat… Oooooooh those blind wriggly earthworms wending their quiet way between your toes. Doesn’t it make you feel dirty? Doesn’t it make you want to sing?

Dirty Time is here to help you recognize your glorious, delicious dirtiness–your connection to all time through dirt. To help you feel your rootedness and to get you sprouting. Join us on the journey:

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Dirty Time is: Hey There Kapplow, savorer of juices. Walker Tufts, planter of faces.

Dirty Time logo font by Be Oakely, based on hand-lettered protest signs by HUGOGYRL
Carlos David TC, mover of earths.